Visit the Gaits'i Gift Shop

At Sky City Cultural Center


Your visit to Sky City would not be complete without a visit to the Gaits’i Gift Shop, which displays authentic world reknown Acoma Pueblo pottery, Native American turquoise jewelry and other fine art by artisans from New Mexico and Arizona. Gaits’i Gift Shop features a selection of Acoma pottery, which is hand coiled and tempered with walls so thin that they ring with the clarity of a bell.  Acoma pottery has been revered by art collectors for more than a century. Members of the Haak'u Museum get 10% off most purchases.

Gaits'i Gift Shop is Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm.  Also visit our online store!


Sky City Cultural Center
PO Box 310
Pueblo of Acoma, NM 87034

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