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About Sky City Cultural Center


The Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum strive to preserve Acoma traditions while providing insight into the unique history of the Acoma Pueblo. The Sky City Cultural Center offers guided tours, Acoma pottery & Native American crafts for sale by local artisans and cultural exhibits.


Located west of Albuquerque, the 60-mile drive to Acoma is one of New Mexico’s most scenic and historic, where you’ll experience breathtaking views and amazing rock formations. The altitude is 6,460 feet above sea level, the climate is very dry and the sun shines almost every day. Drink plenty of water and wear suntan lotion.  During winter, the temperature can drop to 30 degrees, while in the summer, it can top 95 degrees.  Dress appropriately for the season and wear comfortable walking shoes, as the tour is ¾ of a mile long. Our spiritual leaders live on the mesa year-round, so we ask that you not wear revealing clothing out of respect for them. See more about visitor etiquette