Fri, January 31, 2014 06:00pm Showing in our Tsikinuma Kaiya Theatre

Showing in our Tsikinuma Kaiya Theatre will be "Canes of Power" a documentary produced by Silver Bullet Productions; a not-for-profit educational film company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Admission: FREE!!


Canes of Power is a documentary about the sovereign nation status of the Pueblo Indian Nations of New Mexico. The Canes were presented to each of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. They are revered by Pueblo people as symbols of the promise of continued sovereignty; each Cane remains a living reminder of Pueblo authority. This documentary film is a profound glimpse into the connection between American history and the culture of the Pueblo Indians, and into the sustaining message of the authority of the Lincoln Canes.


This month marks the 150 year anniversary of the canes arrival in the Pueblos.